Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's official

We are linking this blog to the Town of Woodbridge, CT, website. You will find this link in the right-hand column. If viewers are interested in seeing the agendas or minutes of the meetings featured here, they can easily check them.

This service is part of our department because:
  • All programs are funded by town budget,
  • Some town citizens do not have cable television and so have not been able to watch our programs,
  • Some town employees live elsewhere and have not been able to watch, either, and
  • Several people have asked for other ways to watch our programs.
The work involved in posting so far has fit within the coordinators' hours. Going forward, television will have priority, because it is still easier and faster to do. Internet access may take one to 2 weeks after any meeting, depending on other work. The Govt. Access TV Commission is hoping the town library will accept DVD copies for the public, as another possible access for Woodbridgers.