Sunday, August 19, 2007

July 25, 2007 Selectmen - in 2 parts

[Please forgive the millennial error in the opening title. I had problems loading this particular program for some reason & have no time to repeat the process....]

This was the second Selectmen's meeting of the month. The first two hours included business for:

- the firehouse construction project
- Fire Department equipment
- and especially extended discussion of a request by the power companies to access town trails from Clearview Drive to the line construction in the Racebrook Tract. [Click on the picture above to play that segment.] 1 hr 56 min 32 sec

The second part (34 min 18 sec more) includes:

- Public Comment on both UI/CL&P's request and on the cell phone tower proposal
- some business from the Finance Department
- executive session
[The second picture leads to the second segment.]