Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Watch "Woodbridge CT Selectmen - 11/14/07"

Woodbridge CT Selectmen - 11/14/07

1 hr 21 min 26 sec
Description: A technical mishap destroyed the 2 minute segment before the Executive Session to discuss a scheduling agreement with Sound View Community Media as mediated by the state Dept. of Public Utility Control's (DPUC) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) team on 10/30/07. The Woodbridge mediation team consisted of Sheila McCreven, Micki Kleeman and Elia Alexiades. Coordinator Ford observed the mediation. GATCom co-vice-chairman Hank Kopel attended the BOS meeting to support the agreement but excused himself from Executive Session so that an unposted quorum of GATCom would not 'meet.' Regular business was dominated by discussion of Public Works, the project and the operational needs.