Sunday, March 9, 2008

An Act Concerning Community Access Television

The state legislature meets in short session this year--closing in early May--so everything moves fast. Last year a law was passed to get the AT&T video service started. This year, the Energy & Technology committee started a bill to amend that, to correct some things regarding community access TV. A hearing on the bill (and 18 others) was held on 3/7.

The state public affairs channel, Connecticut Network, recorded the entire 14-hour hearing--viewable on their website. HB 5814 takes up almost 4 hours at the beginning.

Government access--the main concern here for Woodbridge at this time--is only one branch of community access. The others are educational (channel 78 for Woodbridge cable subscribers) and public (channel 77). Sometimes we say "PEG access" because it's easier.

There is a comparison of PEG access on cable and on the U-Verse here. Be patient, it takes time to launch. It's interesting.