Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Police and Fire Commissions in March

The police department is professional, unionized. The fire association is volunteer, trained and certified. Each group has a commission (appointed by the Selectmen according to the ordinance).

Police Commission - 3/5/2008

59 min 15 sec
Description: The appointed 5-member commission usually meets on first Wednesdays of the month to review Police Department matters. The same group convenes as the town Traffic Authority, heard a presentation from the Woodbridge Estates developers about the project in the village and from citizens concerned about safety on Seymour Road. There was discussion concerning the proposal for using a drug-sniffing dog at the high school.

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Fire Commission - 3/17/2008
58 min 16 sec

Description: As part of our experiment in expanded programming, we recorded the March meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners. Reports from the new firehouse building committee, the old firehouse restoration committee, and discussion of needed trucks.