Friday, June 13, 2008

Good News - Bad News

Received this morning, the day after the Cable Advisory Council annual meeting and celebratory dinner, from Orange First Selectman Jim Zeoli via OGAT's Ron Davis:
All, just received call from Gov. Rell’s aide, the bill 677, (P.A. 159) WAS SIGNED by the governor on Thursday !!! I believe that’s good news…..Jim Zeoli
Details about Public Act 08-159 can be found here.
WGATV was ready to exhale, but then after getting the weekend schedule together, while closing shop, channel 79 went static, then blue. A check up and down the dial showed channel 78 (Education) also blue, but channel 77 (Public) was clear. A call to the Head End got us an automatic message referring us to a customer service number with a menu to nowhere.

Ron Davis sent word:
"All 6 towns are black on 78 & 79. sv # 77 is ok
I have contacted CV and will give you info when I get it."