Friday, August 8, 2008

PEG channels moving to the digital tier

In early August, the cable advisory council received notice from our Cablevision liaison that channels 77-79 (the community access channels) and 80 will be digital only, as of September 16.

The few subscribers who are analog-only (not using a converter box to connect the cable to their television) have 2 months (until October 16) to ask for one free converter in order to continue to receive those channels. People who have more than one television and want those channels available on all sets, will have to pay for more digital converters.

The signal will be slightly better on those channels.

There are rumors circulating about how and why Cablevision is doing this. Other cable companies in other states have been moving the access (PEG) channels to digital, often to completely different numbers. Cablevision is keeping these channels on the same numbers. Previously, Cablevision has moved other analog channels to digital: some shopping channels, Animal Planet, C-SPAN2, and Turner Classic Movies.

The subscribers who are affected received postcards with a URL for further information and instructing them to call a number to schedule converter installation. If there's a problem, they should be in touch with their cable advisory council representatives, Laurence Grotheer & Elia Alexiades. The next cable advisory council meeting is scheduled for 9/25/2008.