Friday, August 8, 2008

WGATV returns to 24/7 Woodbridge programmng

On February 7, in accordance with the scheduling agreement made in October with Sound View Community Media, Woodbridge's channel 79 was turned over to SVCM programming at various 4-hour intervals. On August 7--just six months after this--the channel was restored to Woodbridge origination full-time. Town officials (the GAT Commission and Board of Selectmen) chose to exercise this option based on legislation passed last spring.

At 11AM on 8/8, alert viewer and dedicated citizen Dr. Bill S called in to Town Hall, asking why the screen was black. We believe electrical storm activity discombobulated the character generator that puts out the "station ID" and scrolls the program schedule & updated community messages. We had to undo some wiring to reset this equipment; viewers may have glimpsed the view of Meetinghouse Lane thru the front window while this work was going on.

The above-mentioned legislation also makes funding available to Woodbridge and other Area 2 towns, for operation of the town-specific channels.