Friday, January 16, 2009

Money can't buy me love or even a good recording...

This has been a rotten week for WGATV.
  • The 1/12 Fire Commission meeting was recorded with the camera's audio input switch on "line" instead of "mic" and so is inaudible. No show.
  • I mis-wired the eqmt for the 1/14 BOS meeting, transmitted color bars for 15 minutes, & had the DVR on the wrong setting, missing the exchange between Selectmen and the visiting Chinese educators.
  • For yet unknown reasons, the BOF transmission went black to Woodbridge households after 15 minutes--I swear I monitored the TV in the back & it was good all the way thru!
  • Then I set up a kid to tape Conservation Commission in the back room, with the same eqmt that successfully covered Fire Commission in Nov, but the audio is erratic and staticky. No show.
Life is unfair. I had hoped that a grant would get us better monitors, a better tripod and another microphone. I need to get a new UPS for the transmission equipment before the next ice storm fries everything we have.