Friday, July 17, 2009

Access channels out of order: 7/17

Last night we heard about video occasionally shutting down on our channel 79. We then noticed that this was happening (maybe 30 seconds to a minute at a time) on channels 77-80, but not on other (commercial) channels. Sometimes the screen goes black, but the sound continues.

This morning we called the Cablevision head end in Norwalk to report. They are receiving the signal fine, but will have to send someone to Milford (not Bridgeport?) to check the equipment there.

In the meantime, the unit that generates our banner of scheduling and community information is acting up. We will post our intended schedule here, but keep in mind that actual programming is now out of our hands. Thank you for your patience.

If this happens to you, something that may help would be to power down your cable box (let it go to "bypass"), then power it up again. When we did this at Town Hall, the signal for all channels in question returned.

Remember that we send DVD copies of most meetings to the town library. If you are looking for a particular meeting, ask at the front desk about our DVDs.