Thursday, July 23, 2009


Last week before the BOF meeting, the First Selectman asked why channel 79 occasionally went black. We thought this was a fault of our recording, but while packing up equipment afterward, we noticed that the signal from Cablevision was going black (sometimes with audio continuing) at random intervals. When it blacks out, channels 77, 78, and 80 also go out. The signal on the I-Net was still good, coming out of Woodbridge.

We could return the signal by going to another channel, then returning to channel 79. The signal usually would black out again within 15 minutes.

On Friday, 7/17, we called the Cablevision head end in Norwalk. They could not solve the problem there; said they might have to send someone to Milford.

On Monday, 7/20, the problem was still there. We tried resetting the digital receiver, but the signal blacked out again within the hour. We called CV again, talked to a different person. They said they were receiving our signal fine there; I mentioned the Friday remark about Milford. They said they may send someone to our facility to check the problem here.

We have heard no complaints from viewers, other than the First Selectman's inquiry.