Friday, September 25, 2009

22-916 = 79!

... at least for Woodbridge.

Jeannette Glicksman is a Cablevision subscriber but does not subscrbe to the i/O service, being careful with the household budget. When the PEG channels were moved to the basic digital tier, she thought she would no longer receive them, since she didn't get the converter box. But several months ago, her kid (still in elementary school) showed her how to find the Woodbridge Govt. channel on their digital television. "It was some funny number" that she couldn't recall when she next ran into me.

Several weeks ago, while visiting Ron Davis, I saw him tune in OGAT at a 5-digit channel, without a converter box, on a digital TV. I didn't have scrap paper to write it down. "You have to poke around to find it," he said.

Joe Hellauer, like many people, has the converter box on his main TV and watches access on a secondary TV in his home office, without a box. Yesterday, he told me that he found WGATV on the office TV by poking around, but he couldn't remember the number.

Today, while I waited for program files to load onto our little mini-T-NX server, I poked around on the channels, without the converter box. Starting from channel 22 (the only number I remembered) and surfing up, channel by channel, I found:
  • Sound View public access at 22-912
  • Sound View educational access at 22-913 (showing Classic Arts Showcase from their satellite)
  • the traditional Channel 80 (Cablevision local origination programming or Eternal Word TV Network) at 22-915
  • WGATV at 22-916
I don't know if it's a channel one can save or make "favorite." At this point it seems you can only get there by surfing. To get this far, I passed thru 22-101, which showed a black screen. 22-914 was either black or the tuner skipped over it.

I am wondering if we might find OGAT on another 22-xxx channel or other town-specific channels. I suspect it won't work. But if it did, wouldn't Cablevision then trump the U-Verse? Provide all access channels in its domain as full channels. Wouldn't it be nice?