Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Black-outs again?

On Wednesday, 10/22 around 1:30p.m. our monitor showed terrible pixiliation on the end of the October BOS program, possibly from a faulty file playing from the server. However, after that program finished, other files (calendar, announcements) also pixiliated; these had played clearly on previous days. Then everything went black.

WGATV was playing clearly on the I-Net connection.

We found channels 77, 78 & 80 also blacked out. Called Ron Davis in Orange, who has his TV tuned into the QAM channels. His reception of channel 79 (OGAT) was fine, as were the other channels.

Back in Woodbridge, we disconnected the TV from the set-top box and connected directly to the cable, tuning to the QAM channels. This worked for some time.

About 3:30pm, the same channels blacked out again. The TV showed a message "Weak or no signal." In 15 minutes, everything was back again without our doing anything.

Please contact the coordinator -- -- if you notice any problems with your reception of channel 79.