Saturday, October 3, 2009

Building Committee & WBOE coverage

Initially it was hoped that WGATV would be able to video-record all meetings of the Beecher Infrastructure Upgrade Building Committee, in the interest of complete transparency. During this summer, with some veteran camera personnel now in college and looking for summer work, we were able to cover meetings 1-9, from March thru early September.

Committee members are drawn from other boards and commissions, have commitments to other meetings and work. The schedule has changed and meetings often conflict with other WGATV commitments. The college students have moved on; the high school students who work for us are preparing for SATs and/or home with the flu.

Unrecorded meetings:
  • #10 - 9/16/2009 (conflict with IWA)
  • 9/23/2009 (interviews, which may not have happened)
  • 9/24/2009 (ditto)
  • #11 - 9/30/2009 (no personnel available)

The committee schedule, going forward, as far as we know at this point:

  • 10/6/2009 - 5:30pm (interviews, which we would not record in any case)
  • 10/8/2009 (ditto)
  • #12 - 10/22/2009 - tentatively scheduled

Also, we received word of a special Woodbridge BOE meeting on Monday, 10/5. This will conflict with WGATV's commitment to cover the Town Plan & Zoning meeting. Availability of student personnel is not certain at this time. Just so you know.