Thursday, January 21, 2010

Notes on production, week of 1/18

Because of the Martin Luther King holiday, the schedule of meetings was doubled up. Although we had asked a normally reliable and experienced college student to record the elementary Board of Education meeting at 7, she showed up at the Economic Development Commission meeting at 7:30. Because of that confusion, only half that meeting was recorded.

The consultant to the Economic Development Commission had requested use of a projector for his slide presentation, but it wasn't ready. We had committed to live carriage of the meeting, which was successful. But because we were searching for the projector, we did not hit the record button until 15 minutes into the meeting.

Is some information better than none? If--because of technical or personnel reasons--we do not successfully record a meeting gavel to gave, is it better not to show anything at all?

In the past, audio problems at Board of Education meetings are frequent--either the PA system does not work or someone shuffling their chair for a more comfortable position breaks a microphone line. In a charged political climate, it is easy for one side or the other to suspect Foul Play. Yet technical difficulties can plague the most well-endowed access operation; how much more is possible with a modest one like ours?