Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday updated

Thursday, November 3 starting at 1:30pm. The DVD cycle will be interrupted (in the midst of the October BOS public comment, sorry).

  • 1:30pm:  2009 Annual Town Meeting
  • 3pm:  October BOS (10/12)
  • 6pm:  special Selectmen's meeting (11/1) - re Toll Brothers proposal.  Please note that audio was difficult in the Center Cafeteria.  We cannot force people to speak into the microphones, so you may have problems hearing them.
  • 8pm:  October Finance (10/20)
  • 9pm:  special Selectmen's meeting (11/1) - re Toll Brothers proposal
  • 11pm:  October Finance (10/20)
Midnight to 6am Friday - Classic Arts Showcase