Monday, January 30, 2012

January Selectmen on YouTube

In two parts.  Agenda
About part 1 - WGATV was not able to cover the 1/25 program at the Senior Center. Emergency communications. Events magazine proposal. BRS Building Committee update.  No further word about a Jenick Lane street light.  Public Comment.

About part 2 - Begins after public comment.  Progress of tree removal, to prevent more power outages within town.  Appointments to Country Club of Woodbridge Commission, to CUPOP.  Regular financial report (with interruptions for a special BOF meeting on a funding request).  Liaison reports.

WGATV tried to cover a 1/20 meeting of the Country Club of Woodbridge Commission, which ran almost 6 hours.  Patching up our current year's budget may be insufficient for further recordings of any but the highest priority meetings.