Sunday, March 11, 2012


Monday, March 12:  Since the dates for switching between Daylight Savings and Standard Time were changed, we cannot set our video server to change automatically.  So we are hoping a work-around will result in the following schedule:

  • February Woodbridge Board of Ed (2/27) @ 6am, 6pm, 8:15pm
  • Capital Budgets #2 (12/1) @ 7:30am, 1:30pm
  • January WBOE (1/17) @ 9am
  • Operating Budgets #3 (1/31) @ 10:30am, 3pm
  • Special Board of Finance (3/7) @ 7:30pm
  • DVDs after 9:30pm:  2011 Freedom of Information workshop (1:17hr), 2011 Sunshine Week forum (1:28hr)
The Zoning Board of Appeal meeting will be recorded and shown later this week.  WGATV does not plan to carry it live at this point.