Sunday, March 4, 2012


Monday, March 5:  The Country Club of Woodbridge Commission was scheduled to meet at 6pm in the Board (BACK) meeting room of Town Hall.  Instead, they held their meeting in the Main Meeting Room, which was already set up for the REGULAR Town Plan & Zoning meeting, complete with other people's name plates.  After waiting to begin their meeting, TPZ moved to the Board meeting room.  The meeting was recorded, but could not be carried live.
  • February Woodbridge BOE (2/27) @ 6am, 12noon, 6pm
  • Capital Budgets #2 (12/1) @ 7:30am, 1:30pm
  • January WBOE (1/17) @ 9am, 3pm
  • Operating Budgets #3 (1/31) @ 10am, 2pm
  • LIVE @ 7:30pm:  the remainder of the CCWC meeting.
  • DVDs from 7:50pm (or so): February Amity Board of Ed (2/13 - 2:33hr), February Woodbridge Board of Ed (2/27 - 1:30)