Monday, February 18, 2013

February Selectmen on YouTube

The 02/13/2013 regular monthly meeting ran over 3 hours, which we broke up into 3 irregular pieces. Agenda.
Because we were short-staffed at the beginning of the meeting, Part One of the recording begins in the middle of the Superintendent's report on Beecher Road School.  This part covers an update on the Public Works building project, a proposed connection of our channel to U-Verse, an update for the Country Club of Woodbridge, and annual farm leases.

Part Two continues to the monthly financial report.  Much time was devoted to approval of a bid on a truck for the Fire Department and a detailed explanation of desired features for a tanker truck.  This part ends with the Town Counsel's report and executive session.

In Part Three, the Board emerges from a 12-minute executive session, concluded discussion of an FOI ruling and moves on to all other business:  Ordinance, First Selectman, Administrative Officer, and liaison reports.