Friday, June 14, 2013

Stuff that goes wrong

Sometimes it's the equipment, sometimes it's the humans.  

  • The PA system in the Town Hall Main Meeting Room has always buzzed; someone told me it was feedback from all the microphones being on, but it isn't. 
  • The flash drive camera reliably records meetings up to 5 hours long and the rechargeable battery is still strong--but something happened with the 5/28 Country Club commission meeting and we have no audio on half of it, so we did not put it on the channel.  
  • We missed the first half of the 6/12 Board of Selectmen meeting. The DVDs of the recorded part seem to from a batch of duds;they freeze in random sections.  This happens no matter which DVR they are burned from.
  • A mix-up in communications meant that camera personnel did not arrive at the 5/21 Woodbridge BOE meeting for the first half.