Monday, July 22, 2013

What went wrong

Viewers may have noticed some odd things about our programming this summer:

  1. The calendar and PSAs suddenly disappeared:  Because the DVD player is having issues.  We're working on this.  The machine might have to go to the doctor.
  2. The 7/15 Woodbridge Board of Ed meeting is all squished:  We have begun using a new camera; the setting has to be adjusted for a 4:3 screen to look right for the lowest denominator of televisions in Woodbridge.  We can fix that in later recordings.
  3. The 7/15 Woodbridge Board of Ed meeting is quieter than earlier recordings:  That new camera came with a promising microphone attachment.  We will try another, more reliable microphone with it next time.
  4. The 7/10 Selectmen meeting is not on YouTube yet:  We bought new microphones to use in the Town Hall Main Meeting room, but were still getting used to the set-up.  The recording needs some adjustment before we send it to You Tube.  This takes time that was not available in the following week, when we recorded 5 meetings over 4 evenings.  
  5. The same audio work will be needed for the 7/15 WBOE recording, otherwise, we expect to send WBOE recordings to YouTube this fiscal year.