Monday, August 19, 2013

Sounds of Silence

This morning at work we discovered that our channel 79 was mute--not just quiet, but completely silent.  Channel 78, showing a girls' basketball game, was also silent.  We tightened up the cable connections--no improvement. The Sound View public access channel, the EWTN channel, CT-N, and all other channels we normally check all sounded fine.  

We looked at the Woodbridge Residents group on Facebook and found that Optimum was out last night, but getting repaired. I asked the Tech department at Amity if they could hear the channels; the closed circuit feed had sound but channel 78 did not.

At 11:54am, the representative from Cablevision who attends cable advisory council meetings relayed that Fairfield had the same problem, but their tech people were still attending to the major outage.  At 2:54pm she reported:  Piece of equipment was fried during the surge – repairing now

At 6:18pm the chair of the advisory council sent an alert from Cablevision to the Town-Specific towns: 
because of last night’s power surge equipment that serves Government and Educational access was fried.  We have to manually rewire the system (right now there are color bars on all the channels).  
They may have to repair the system by hand.  And that's the way it is...