Sunday, September 1, 2013

August meetings on YouTube

Woodbridge Board of Ed - 8/19/2013
The regular monthly meeting, before the beginning of the 2013-14 school year. New members. A preview of CMT results. A vote to replace CMTs with the next generation of testing. Agenda

Selectmen - 8/28/2013, part 1
Part One of 2.  This board regularly schedules meetings twice a month, on second and fourth Wednesdays.  This August the board canceled 8/14 and met on 8/28, when the meeting could not be carried live.  The Town Hall portion of the meeting ran 4.5 hours, including over an hour of executive session.  A Town Hall employee observed that with new members, meetings need to go long in order to bring folks up to speed on issues and procedures.
The part begins after a visit to the Fire Station and ends with the business on the Country Club of Woodbrdige. Agenda

Selectmen - 8/28/2013, part 2
Part Two of 2.  This part begins with the Boy Scout holiday tree sale, notes the executive session, and continues to the liaison reports and adjournment at 10:30pm. The air conditioning in the meeting room contributes to audio problems.