Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Meanwhile on Channel 78...

... the Educational channel from Amity High school: The League of Women Voters of CT conference, "Common Core in Connecticut: What Next?) is scheduled to play at the following dates & times, for Cablevision viewers in Orange and Woodbridge:

  • Tuesday, December 9 - 9pm
  • Thursday, Dec. 11 - 3pm
  • Saturday, Dec. 13 - 8pm
  • Monday, Dec. 15 - 6pm
  • Wednesday, Dec. 17 - 9pm
  • Friday, Dec. 21 - 2pm
The program runs just under 2.5 hours.  Five speakers from East Hartford, Madison, Quinnipiac University, the CT Education Association, and the state Dept. of Education give presentations and answer questions posed by organizers and by audience members.  This was recorded by the LWVCT at the JCC of Greater New Haven on Saturday, 10/25/2014.