Sunday, July 1, 2018

First week of the FY

Watch this post for updates

Throughout the passages of Town Hall, you will hear people saying "Happy New Year" every July.  New fiscal year, that is--when the budget adopted in May takes effect.  This week there will be no live shows.  The only meeting scheduled is a special meeting of the Police Commission/Traffic Authority on Thursday 7/05. The first of the Recreation Department's summer concerts takes place on Tuesday 7/03 on the town Green near the gazebo.

So without anything new to show, we will review the programs since the first meeting on the current budget, the review of Capital Budget proposals on 11/30/17 and on 12/05/17 (plus the special Town Meeting on 12/05/17), and all the regular programs since January 2018. chronologically from this Monday thru Thursday, then repeating in the same order until we get to the live Board of Selectmen meeting on Wednesday, 7/11.

Some non-meeting programs you might want to watch out for:
  • 1/23/18 - "Getting There: Transportation in Connecticut" - A program at the library, a presentation by Jim Cameron, founder of The Commuter Action Group - 55min
    • Monday, 7/02 @ 4:15 pm
    • Saturday 7/07 @ 2:15am
  • 4/07/18 - A walk on the Racebrook Tract - sponsored by the Conservation Commission - 10min
    • Wednesday 7/04 @ 5:45am
  • 5/06/18 - A walk on the Blue Trail - also by Conservation, from the Thomas Darling House to West Rock Ridge - 3min
    • Wednesday 7/04 @ 10:27pm, just before the 5/07 regular Town Plan & Zoning meeting.
  • 5/15/18 - 90 seconds of the Big Storm - no tornadoes touched down in Woodbridge, but the coordinator was trapped in Town Hall anyway.
    • Thursday 7/05 @ 6:43am
  • 5/28/18 - Excerpt from Memorial Day ceremony - a memory of Vietnam 50 years ago, from Dr. Barry Josephs, framed by lowering the colors and "God Bless America" sung by Kathy Barkin.
    • Thursday 7/05 @ 2:30pm
  • 5/29/18 - Town Hall Meeting - held by legislators representing Woodbridge & Derby, a review of the most recent legislative session.
    • Thursday 7/05 @ 3pm
The Conservation walks are not yet on YouTube.  We hope to record one scheduled on 7/07 to Sperry Falls Park.