Saturday, September 22, 2018

New programs this weekend

WGATV recorded 6 meetings for a total of 7 hours 25 minutes, many of them happening at the same time.  We will get the last one up for replay Saturday morning.  Here's the lineup of new stuff:

  • 9/17 Fire Commission (35min)
    • Saturday 12noon, Sunday 6am & 6pm
    • The public portion of a 2+hour meeting
  • 9/17 CUPOP (1h9r 1min)
    • Saturday 1pm, Sunday 6:45am & 6:45pm
    • Liaison reports from the assistant administrative officer and the TPZ chairman
  • 9/17 Woodbridge Board of Ed (2hr 40min)
    • Saturday 2pm, Sunday 8am
    • Presentations on SBAC [standardized test] results and on educator evaluation
  • 9/20 Board of Finance (42min)
    • Saturday 6pm, Sunday 10:45am & 8pm
  • 9/20 special Town Plan & Zoning (42min)
    • Saturday 7pm, Sunday 11:30am & 8:45pm
    • Public hearing on proposed zoning revisions, no action taken
  • 9/20 Conservation (1hr 47min)
    • Saturday 8pm, Sunday 1pm & 10pm
    • 52 minutes of public comment from people seeking this commission's recommendation to the BOS Ordinance Committee to establish an agricultural commission
The rest of the schedule is filled by other September meetings in town and miscellaneous programs from federal agencies.  Also a half-hour program, "How Stanford University Reduced Energy, Water Consumption and Emissions" - Saturday @ 5:30pm, Sunday @ 3:15am for the insomniacs among you.