Monday, December 31, 2018

Channel 79 is back!!

On Wednesday 01/02/19, we re-scanned the TV tuner and found WGATV back on QAM channel 99-4916  (or 99-16 on some TV sets).

When we stopped by Town Hall last Saturday to check on an ongoing project in the meeting room, we noticed that our TV was not receiving our channel 79 signal.  Normally we bypass the cable box and use the TV set's QAM tuner to find our channel disguised as "99-4916".  We tried scanning for the channel, in case it had been reassigned. 

But there was no channel 79 and no Amity channel 78.  Hmmm.

We came in this afternoon and tried scanning again.  C-SPAN (59-3065) and C-SPAN2 (71-3066) are there.  Connecticut Network (34-6083) is there.  But no WGATV.

We called the headend (origination point of all Altice/Cablevision signals) for help.  They said the channel number should be the same as before.  Then they checked "in the back" and discovered that the modulator there was out--that is, equipment to send our programming & Amity's back to Woodbridge is not working.  They have to find another modulator to replace it.

So... all we can do is check back later.  Hope you will, too.