Sunday, June 2, 2019

Live Programs this week

The coordinator will be out of town this week for family business.  Most of the programming will be the usual repeats of recent meetings--please check the tab "When is it on?" if you do not know the usual weekday arrangement.

LIVE on Monday, June 3 @ 7:30pm - Town Plan & Zoning regular meeting
LIVE on Tuesday, June 4 @ 5pm - special Selectmen's meeting

Length of each meeting is unknown.  It is possible the meeting will continue after recorded programming interrupts the live feed.  Or the meeting could be over before you had a chance to tune in.

After our original post:  Economic Development posted an agenda for a meeting on Thursday, June 6 @ 7pm.  If our staff is willing, we may try to show that live.  At the very least, it will be recorded.

Playback of this week's meetings will happen after Monday, 6/10/19.  Check then for updates.