When is it on?

This is our basic schedule:

most recent Woodbridge Board of Ed meeting at midnight, 6am & 6pm
Land Use I:  most recent Inland Wetlands Agency or Conservation Commission at midnight, 6am & 6pm, along with recent *Amity Board of Ed meetings shown at different times than channel 78.*
most recent Board of Selectman meeting at midnight, 6am & 6pm; Police, Fire, or other commission meetings, if available
most recent Board of Finance or Economic Development Commission meeting at midnight, 6am & 6pm
Land Use II: most recent Town Plan & Zoning, Commission on the Use of Publicly-Owned Properties (CUPOP) or Zoning Board of Appeal at midnight, 6am & 6pm
Saturday/ Sunday
We put the most recent meeting of the week on at noon on Saturday, at 6am and 6pm on Sundays, with a chronological review of other meetings around the new programs.

Sometimes a day or a program is so special, we wander away from this outline. Live carriage of a meeting in Town Hall often preempts the 6pm showing of a recent meeting. That's why we have this blog.

In addition to local programs, we put on programs from federal agencies, like SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an arm of the Health and Human Service Department) or the National Marine Sanctuaries.  We are able to borrow other programs of general interest--usually about environment or health--from other access stations. Short items from the Centers for Disease Control or the National Science Foundation appear in a loop with public service announcements (PSAs) between longer programs.

*Amity programming, including the most recent Board of Ed meeting, is shown on channel 78, the Educational Access channel for Woodbridge and Orange. Those meetings are also available on demand on the district website.